Julia Roberts e Tom Hanks na Capa da Revista W (Fotos)

Tom Hanks e a Julia Roberts estão na capa da revista W de junho de 2011. Os dois estão no filme Larry Crowe, que também é dirigido por Tom. Eles contaram para revista que são amigos na vida real e compartilharam algumas curiosidades. Confira algumas fotos da reportagem, Julia Roberts está usando um Dolce&Gabbana na capa:

Julia Roberts e Tom Hanks capa da W

Julia Roberts e Tom Hanks revista W

Julia Roberts capa revista W

Julia comenta se ficou nervosa com Tom Hanks dirigindo o filme:

“God, no. We knew each other socially. When I was in Rome, shooting Eat Pray Love, Tom sent me the script and said, “Tell me what you think.” I couldn’t stop smiling when I read it: It’s topical, but very positive. It contains this moment in history in a very interesting way. The movie says, You can lose your job and your way and still rescue yourself. Larry Crowne creates a self-excavated utopia, and I love that idea, that message. And Tom is so good at making fun of himself. In the beginning of the film, he’s wearing pleated khakis. No one should wear pleated khakis onscreen”

Tom fala se escreveu o papel para Julia:

“Yes. I had some teachers who looked like Julia. I would see them and think, I love you. So there was never anyone but Julia. Still, even after she said yes, I was the boss. That meant I got to say, ‘You don’t wear this dress, you wear that dress.’ And Julia’s Julia – she can be intimidating [Laughs].”

Confira a reportagem completa no site da W:

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