Michael Trevino de Cueca Bench Body (Vampire Diaries)

Michael Trevino, Tyler Lockwood o híbrido lobisomem e vampiro da série Vampire Diaries,  é o novo modelo da marca Bench Philippines. Confira algumas fotos do Michael Trevino de cueca Bench Body:

Michael Trevino de Cueca Bench Body

Tyler Vampire Diaries de cueca Bench Body

Michael Trevino de Cueca Bench Body Vampire Diaries

O site Philstar.com conversou com Michael Trevino sobre ser modelo da marca.

“It’s your first time to endorse a Filipino brand. How do you feel about it?”

“Actually, it’s the first time that I am ever endorsing any product. This whole procedure…you know, including this pictorial…is very new to me but it’s very interesting, it’s an experience that I’m welcoming. It’s really nice, especially the first part which is this photo shoot.”

“Haven’t you posed completely naked?” 

“Oh no, I haven’t! This is the closest that I’ve probably been as far as being photographed, so it’s quite an experience. But I’m glad that it’s over and now I can have lunch. I was on a strict diet before this shoot, and now I can eat all the junk food that I want.”

Confira a entrevista completa:


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